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Possible hedgie bag project

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Okay so I like to knit (but I'm still new and not very good) and I have some left over yarn from past projects. I can't find something I really want to make with it so I was thinking maybe I could make a little bonding pouch.

Now I plan to make the knitted part just the outer lining and then use fleece as the inner lining. I think that would help to prevent any little nail snags but I wanted the opinion of others. I thought I would make the stitches small but maybe that's the opposite of what I should be doing. I just want to make sure it would be a safe bag if handled correctly before I go wasting my time and yarn on it.
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I've seen people make little knitted blankies for hedgies.
I think it would be ok as long as it was the outer part. I wouldn't leave the bag in the cage but for bonding purposes I think it would be alright.
I think that the smaller stitches would be better that way a leg wouldn't get caught.
I'd still be careful with their nails though.

I'd like to see them when your done. :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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