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So my hedgehog has been losing a lot of quills for about 2 months now. He is now 8 months old so when it first started I just write it off as 6 month old quilling. In terms of the quills he is losing some are baby quills but most are adult quills, all the quills he is losing have bulbs on the end. When looking at his skin I can find new quills coming in and he has no bald patches. He also has very flaky skin that resembles dandruff and is not just a fine powder, but this has always been an issue. To combat this issue I have been drizzling a small amount of olive oil on his back and spreading it out. This usually helps for a few days but then his skin goes back to the usual dryness. At night I can hear him scratching.
I know this would usually be written off as mites, but I have been treating him with revolution once a month as recommend by the breeder to prevent mites. The only reason I can think of for it not working is he does not take too well to things touching the skin covered by his quills very well, so I have been attempting to drop the revolution on his skin from above but it usually falls on his quills.
Does this sound like it could be quilling or do I have a bigger problem? Should I purchase a humidifier? I am willing to take him to the vet if needed but I am a bit cautious to do so because I have already staked up about $400 in bills being a hypochondriac. Should I try the humidifier first then the vet second if that does not work? I have heard that mites can cause serious problems if left untreated so I'm unsure exactly how big of a problem this really is.
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