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So I've only had Egon Goob since sunday, but he's got some poop on his quills...

Should I give him a bath? I've tried wetting a Q-tip and trying to wipe it off, but its really dried on there :/ I thought if I gave him a bath, I could try to trim his nails afterwards because they're getting kinda long :/ and sharp :/ plus the cuddling afterwards would help us to bond more :)

What do you guys suggest I do?

Oh, and I would just be using oatmeal water because I have not yet obtained any aveeno body wash for him. I do have baby shampoo, but am not going to risk it. His skin is a little dry already. Not going to add to it :p

Other than him having poopy quills, he's an active little guy :) loves his wheel and burrowing, lol, tried burrying in my sleeve this morning :3
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