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I know this is generally a potential sign of illness and usually I automatically treat it as such but here is the situation:

I've rescued Cedrick from the SPCA and have had him just over a week. He was very malnourished and on hedgehog food (not sure which kind, it smelt like grass and sugar). I've slowly started adding some Acana Prairie and Pea Duck from Natural Balance of which he decided to only eat, leaving his old food behind (guess he wasn't a fan of switch-slowly routine). Regardless I'm still trying to switch him slowly. His health is normal, his weight is climbing (started at 390g give or take, up to 420g give or take), he is making full use of his bucket wheel (both for running and a litter box). His poop looks fantastic, he has lots of energy (though he is shy and has a very cute growl), skin's a tad dry but no mites and he has had his first bath which seems to have helped a lot.

However he is pooping in his bag and has peed in it once or twice. He poops elsewhere in the cage and mostly on his wheel, but he is doing some poops where he sleeps. Should I be more concerned, or is this perhaps simply adapting to a new environment and a sudden increase of food?
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