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I find this funny - Reina, my hedgie, has one of the best poop/pee rituals out of all the pets ive had! I've only had her a week, though, so we'll see how it goes ;)

I had a rabbit who basically pooped little hay balls. They were easy to pick up, and she was more or less litter trained. But She'd poop in her litter box, then RACE out, spreading poop everyyyyywhere. She'd also sit in her box and poop all day, and have a GIANT poop ball stuck to her that was tough to get off. Her pee also was very, very stinky. I had budgies that pooped anywhere and everywhere (mid-flight, on your head, on the walls..)

I wake Miss Reina up (and make sure she's actually awake or she'll fall back asleep!) then put her immediately into her litter box. She picked up on it very quickly. If she gets squirmy when I'm holding her, I'll plop her back in the box and she usually poops right away. She also poops A LOT in her wheel (made from a home hardware bucket) every night, but it's contained and easy to clean off with a little soaking in soapy water. It also smells much better than other pet's poop. Such a pleasant surprise!
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