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A few days after getting my beautiful 8-9 week old hedgie I put a makeshift litter pan in her cage out of a cut up popcorn box and paper towel lining it, i put in in one of the 2 corners that she uses the most for those activities, after just 2 days i went to find all of her pee in it, and 1 out of 2 poops in there! i was so excited thinking i was off to a good start!

that was yesterday

today i woke up, and the only thing that i could think to say was 'THERE IS S**T EVERYWHERE' apparently she pooped on her wheel, then ran on it, and it litterally had a coating of poo all over the entire wheel, some on the floor, and some on the wall of the cage! (its solid plastic for a few inches up then caging on all sides)

Half the reason im posting this is because i am sure most of you have had similar lovely experiences, and i just loved speed scrubbing my wheel before going to work

and the other reason is my slight hope that i can do something to help the process along, i really dont want to be dealing with that all of the time! (i put a little bit of her poop in the box to try and get her to take the hint)
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