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This might be encouraging to others new to hedgehogs. My two hedgehogs are now 5 months old/20 weeks. It seems that what I have read here at HHC is true. LOL Their poop production seems to be tapering off. I still get pooped on when I am handling them but their wheels are not as coated.

Happy day. :D
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thats a relief! :D

My is only 3months old though...so i have two months to go...lol
The poop production seems to be tapering off with my little "coco bean" (Wicca) as well.
Although her wheel is coated every morning but it doesn't seem like as much.
But the best part is..............................the poop smells better! :lol:

Her eating seems to be tapering off too. ( she was eating as much as the other 3 put together)
And her growing seems to be tapering off. (She is almost 5 months) I think she's going to be a smaller hedgie.

Glad your little ones are doing well! :)
This is very encouraging, thanks for the update!

My little Kiwi has got some ways to go before she gets there but I'm looking forward to it. The little bugger is a pooping machine! Sadly she hasn't taken to her wheel yet but she certainly likes to let loose on me when I take her out!

I've started using lined absorbant medical pads on my lap when I handle her to deal with these messes easily. In the first few minutes after her being out, Kiwi will poop a minimum of 5 times and pee twice! :shock:

One good things is that since she does this it means a lot less in her cage :D
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