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I think Ender's been constipated lately. The poo logs have been more like poo sticks and I was starting to get worried. He's overweight to begin with and becoming a bit lazy. Even nail clipping wasn't leading to the normal "let's poo on mommy" routine.

Last Friday he got a warm oatmeal bath and some snuggling. We switched over again to diced zucc and pumpkin. I even gave him chicken sticks a couple nights, that sometimes loosens him up.

Last night when we got back from a quilt guild meeting I went upstairs to feed the guys and actually found a poo LOG in his wheel. (much praise was given, of course) Good thing too, during the meeting I was thinking that if this kept up I was going to have to make a vet appt. Ender must've gotten those brain waves.

I'm slowly moving him over to a less fattening food. The constipation actually started before that. Luckily, he has no problems with changing crunchies.

Hope he keeps it up. I've got cute pictures of both of them I need to upload one of these days.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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