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This is not some specific pet.
It's what ever pet you think it is, and just a little thing to get people to remember, how it affects them, every time they get "thrown away", and until a new owner comes along.

The pet store.

Once again I look at you.
I can see you are laughing.

You know you are the only one for me.
Yet you don't look at me anymore.

I see you walking away.
I miss your warm touch when you cuddle me.

You are looking around
Having the time of your life
But you do not notice me

I try to get your attention
I try to call out for you
But you do not listen to me

You do not hold me to comfort me anymore
You do not want me anymore

I know it's not your fault
But I miss you so much already

I look out trough the bars.
You are walking away with your friends
But you are forgetting me.

I miss you oh so much
But you are never coming back.
The love of my life
Gone forever

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That really affects me, it's really good. It makes me very sad for all the pets that don't receive enough / any attention.
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