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at 11:50 tonight Isabella passed away, this is because of me, i made a very stupid mistake. i thought it would be perfectly ok to house two females together. tonight i came home to find Isabella lying flat by her water dish , so i picked her up to see what was the matter., she was very limp and lifeless, i noticed she was missing her right ear, all of it had been chewed off by Kaila. Isabella had the beginning of WHS and lost partial use of her left back leg, Isabella was a lover and never a fighter, and was not able/ didn't know how to defend herself. she went into shock, and died shortly after. she couldn't eat, or drink, she began dry heaving.

no matter what anyone tells you, please do not place hedgehogs of very different ages in the same living space, i feel like this could have been avoided if it wasn't for my stupid mistake. Kaila is only 5 months old today, Isabella was 4.
please learn from my experience, i would never want this to happen again.
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