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hello my hedgehog alfie is about 1 year old and ive had him for 8 months now. he is an egyptian long eared hog so i know they are a little different to the pygmys and tend to be a bit grumpier. so when i got alfie he has always hissed and sometimes charges at your hand with his spikes down when you wake him or put your hand in his cage but he has come on a lot in terms of being tamed in the last months. he never bit me being picked up and in the last few moths hardly even rolled up he would let me carry him around and sit there quietly in my hands and even liked me to rub his belly and cheeks sometimes. However recently (the last 3 weeks or so) he has gotten much more aggressive and has started biting me a lot and really hard and not letting go. i brought him to the vet just in case and she prescribed antibiotics to make sure he had no infections etc as his poo was green too.he seems in good health and his green poo has stopped now, however he is still being so aggressive and biting me. when i had to give him his antibiotics via oral syringe the first 4 days he didnt bite but the last 2 began very viciously attacking the syringe and now tries to do the same to my fingers or nail clippers every time i have him on his back. i am wondering what i can do to make him stop biting or if anyone has any advice as he was so tame before! i would never give him up even if he is aggressive but it is very upsetting for me as i would like to be able to handle him without being afraid and i dont want to end up resenting him. thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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