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Please help!! No vets are open today! Urgent!

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You all will think im an aweful hedgie owner but at this point I dont care about that, I need help on what to do more than caring what others think of me! My poor baby was bred with mites, the vet at first gave me irvemectin, which after researching I was not fond of. So I went to a new vet that gave me revolution and told me to sanitize her cage daily with a light solution of bleach water. I have been doing so and keeping up on her medicine, when I sanitize the cage I usually bring her in my room where she is safe from the bleach fumes. But on the 26th of febuary I was doing my normal routine but got distracted by my dog and forgot my poor baby in the bathroom in the sink while her cage was in the tub with bleach. I know im aweful. When I noticed her breathing really heavy, gasping for air and wanting to lay flat on her belly I took her outside for a good hour and a half (it was very cold and I didnt want her freezing so I had to go back in) I then made a ventilation system from my window to her cage so that she could breath fresh air while being in her heating pad (on a low setting and only in the corner of her cage). She wouldnt eat for a couple days so I bugged her with food and water in front of her face until she ate it and drank a little. I have left her alone since then becayse I didnt want to cause any extra stress. Ive still been cleaning her cage (without bleach) and putting fresh water and food nightly. She seemed to be picking up, but last night I took her out to see how she was doing, and it was happening all over again! Shes breathing really heavy, moving very slow if at all, when she does move sometimes her legs go straight back and she lays on her tummy for a while, it doesnt seem like shes sleeping her eyes havent been closed once when I check on her, not eating or drinking, not excersizing. Im so worried my baby is suffering. Please if you know any info on why this could be I would greatly appreciate your time and knowledge.
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What is the temp in her cage? The fresh air you are giving her may be too cold and causing her to not be warm enough if she is only being heated from the bottom up with the heating pad. If she is too cold the lack of eating and drinking may be from a hibernation attempt. Make sure you have a thermometer in her cage and are keeping her nice and warm - possibly even warmer than the normal recommended 75 degrees as she isn't feeling 100%. When my hedgehog was sick I kept him at 80 until he got better and could be brought back down to 75.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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