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Please help! Inside look at my poor hedgehog’s mouth 😢 Any insight is appreciated

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i got a better look into her mouth a moment ago and i am so worried. The vet had this in the report for oral exam 5 days ago:

“left maxillary arcade moderate proliferative, irregular soft tissue mass with wide attachment base spanning from the midline of the hard palate across to the buccal aspect of the maxilla.”

Is that thing ball thing what she is talking about in terms of mass? Im devastated considering ive NEVER been able to get a half decent look in her mouth in the 3 years weve had her as she is not the most social hedgie. Ill attach a video and pictures to help narrow down advice/information. Please do not judge, i was unaware of dental care for hedgehogs until about 3 months ago which she was not receptive to (I can totally see why now 😢)

I am flattened by these photos and not eating/drinking totally makes sense now. It seems as if her teeth are hitting eachother now hence the clicking sound when they are near eachother. Im not sure if that is caused by swelling or what, but im lost as to what i should do for my little angel. Please correct me if i am just spiraling due to lack of knowledge and seeing her so lethargic. She is cute and bubbly while holding her, but the second i put her down she plops down and just lays. She deserves only the best, and if that means euthanasia then we will give her that so she can rest, but she still has 5 days left of antibiotics.

Medicine she is on is:
Clavamox 2x daily 12 hrs apart
Meloxicam 1x daily for inflammation & pain.

Sound on for video
Heres some photos that i couldnt attach. Again, please do not judge the state of her teeth, my gf and I gave her such a fun life and held her and loved her dearly every single day, we were unfortunately late the the dental health side and we will forever regret this for the rest of our lives.

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Hello, I just wanted to say I am sorry about your little hedgie. There are a couple of different things that it could be. Sometimes a benign growth can form called gingival hyperplasia. The other scenario is it could be an oral tumor that are very common in hedgehogs. It is not anything that you did or did not do and there is really nothing you can to do prevent either of these. You can take her back to the vet to get an x-ray and see if the jaw is involved and if it is not cancer you can possibly have it removed, or debulked. They can also remove the loose teeth and put her on some antibiotics. Other than that, it is good she is already on some medicine for pain. I suggest you feed her wet kibble or soft food. You can wait and see if the tumor grows, or if she will not eat even with the soft foods then it may be time to say goodbye. I have had a couple of hedgies that this happened to. Best of luck to you whatever you end up deciding to do, she knows she is loved, I am sure.
Possible cancer or tumor in her jaw area, very unfortunate if this is the case and there isn’t a way to prevent it. Remove the loose teeth it won’t be a big deal and I recommend putting her on soft foods or crushing up kibble. This is absolutely not your fault don’t blame yourself.
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