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pinchitas vet

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Pinchita and i went to the vet today just for a normal checkup.
but it was a new vet that just happens to be only 7 minutes away!!! i was so pleased that it was close! :D so the total was$68.85 which i paid for myself and the vet was great except...

1.they told me that i should switch to hedgehog food (cuz it has some fruits and veggies) Instead of the high quality cat food. and they said even if i get the 1 for European hedgies that its atleast better than the cat food. (Which BTW i am sticking to cat food they obviously dont know what they r talkin 'bout)
2.The vets assistant was supposed to lift the hedgie so the vet could get a good look at Pinchitas eyes but Pinchita disagreed and was not happy about that so every time the assistant tried to lift Pinchita would jump and the assistant would be scared. So i just did it myself.
3. They told me Pinchita needed sunlight so she could get her vitamin D , and i told them that its winter and she would get cold and her respond was "a little colds not gonna kill her". i got very mad at that.

The things they did was ...weigh her (350grams was pinchitas weight), they checked her heart beat and breathing( IT WAS GOOD) look at her skin(that was nice and moisterized), they looked at her eyes (good), and then i paid 20 extra dollars to check for intestinal parasites and she was healthy no intestinal parasites. BTW they needed poop for this but pinchita pooped and peed straight on my lap so that was good for the exam :lol:

They said she was very healthy.
Does any1 know of anything they missed or if its a good price???Should i stay w/ this vet ? they are close by and they are an emergency vet so... also they have 1 other exotic pet vet who was on vacation and he might be more experienced so i think i'm gonna give them 1 more try...
Pinchita was very well behaved too she was very nice... to the vet :D
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Kudos to you for looking for the best for your hedgie. I would definitely not stay with that vet, it looks like the things they get wrong will add up and become more serious with each visit. Just the temperature thing "a little cold's not going to kill her" (it most definitely can kill her) is a huge red flag as silvercat said. :shock:
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