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I went to a movie with a friend last night and there's a pet store right down the way from the theatre called Petland. I've heard that sometimes they have hedgehogs so I went to check it out.

They had three all in one cage. I'm not sure of the sexes but either way, not a good gameplan. Two of them were popping pretty badly but there was a little albino just sleeping in the corner that I picked up. He was super sweet and unballed and explored me right away. An employee came up trying to get me to buy the little guy and I asked him why they didn't have a wheel. He said he didn't know, there probably wasn't room for one and besides, they don't really need one anyway. He said he only ever sees the sleep. I wanted to yell that that's because they're nocturnal but I refrained.

I really wanted to buy that little guy on the spot, he was so sweet. Luckily, I didn't have money and my parents would have killed me if I brought one home. I know that it just shows that there's a market for them to the owners but I finally see what everyone else has said about how hard it can be to just walk away.

But yeah. Three housed together, no wheel, on some kind of shredded color paper as a liner and I have no idea what was in the food dish but it sure as heck wasn't good cat food. It looked like pellets. Ugh.

I wish I didn't still want that albino :(
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