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Hey everyone,
So I have been really busy lately, and I haven't had as much time as usual to spend playing with my little guy. However, when cleaning his cage and taking him out, I've noticed that he's been peeing in his sleeping bag, which is a new development. This afternoon I took him out to play for several hours, catch up on lost time so to speak, and I noticed that his belly was wet, as well as he peed 2-3 times while he was out... way more often than usual. Is the increase in urine output and the fact that he's peeing in his sleeping spot something I should be concerned about? Like I said, this is fairly new behavior.
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I know there's an association between changes in urine output and medical conditions like diabetes. But I think you'd see changes in food consumption and weight too.

Are you sure all the wetness is urine? Could he be having "boy time" in there that would account for a certain amount of wetness?

Another thought is that if he's not out playing as much as usual with you (which is when mine takes advantage of a good time to go), he's altered when and where he goes? Mine will go pee once or twice if she's been out a long time. There's just something about increased activity and increased potty episodes.
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