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There is nothing that can strike fear into the hearts of both new and experienced hedgehog owners as nail trimming. Each hedgehog is different so what may work well for one, may not work for another. The main thing is to relax and don’t try to get all feet done in one evening. If you get stressed your hedgehog will pick up on that so try to relax.

Some people use human nail clippers in large size, small size and baby. Some prefer pet nail clippers. Use what is most comfortable for you.

Clean nails are easier to trim and easier to see the vein so trimming after a bath is often easiest. Sometimes when hedgie is relaxed after a bath he will be more co-operative.

Trim only the tip of the nail and try not to cut below the quick (vein). At some point in time, everyone will trim a nail too short and it will bleed. Keep a little dish of flour or cornstarch to dip the foot in when this happens. Styptic power or sticks sting so avoid using if possible. Flour and cornstarch works well. Try to keep hedgie calm until the bleeding stops. Once you cut a nail to short it is usually best to quit for the evening and wait a few days before starting again.

Some hedgehogs can be very difficult and need to be trimmed during the bath. Make sure hedgie is supported so he doesn’t slide under the water.

If hedgie is difficult and he likes to annoint, try giving him something to annoint over and while he is busy annointing, you can trim a few nails.

Holding hedgie in your hand with a foot between your fingers works for many.

Some people have good luck by putting hedgie on a cube grid, like C&C cages are made from and let the legs dangle through.

Try different ways and most of all, relax and don’t try doing all feet at one time.
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