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over heating???

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When I went to put my hedgie away last night, he did his usual stuff(eat and get a drink) and then went behind his wheel and started to do his 'boy thing' which is also very normal for him to do. After that he went in a ball and went to bed right behing his wheel. So I picked him up and put him in his bed and he went to bed. I played video games for about 10 more minutes and then headed for bed. My two sisters stayed up a lot later and told me this morning that last night he went to bed behind his wheel again. I am thinking that he did this to try to cool down because I think last night are room was like 78-80 degrees, which was very hot(atleast to me). I am also worried that something is wrong with him, even though he is acting fine and totally normal. Was he just over heated and he just wanted to cool down?
Oh yeah also when I woke up this morning he was in his igloo.
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i would say so... my hedgie i noticed the same... if its a warm day i'll come home to her sleeping in her litter area... when i see that i just turn off her stat and as it cools down she usually heads over to her little house.... once i see her in there again i turn the stat back on... i wouldn't be to worried....
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