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"outdooor" housing?

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I got the thought when a friend built a spider cage but I dont plan on doing it, just something Ive been wondering over the last few months.

What would be a good natural cage setup for a hedgehog? Some grass, sticks, a few stones, an area of dirt they can dig into for a hole? How "efficient" would it be at breaking down hedgehog waste?

Its just a thought thats been in my mind.
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I like the idea of making a more natural habitat, but my turtle has this and I am going to remove the bark from her area as its getting EVERYWHERE. Down into the heating vent, in her water and food, just everywhere so I'm actually going to switch my turtle to fleece like the hedgehogs, ha!! (I will leave the other natural decorative things in there, though)

Maybe I'll add some natural decorations (washing them first) to the hedgie homes. I love this site, always lots to think of and be creative with the suggestions and questions from other people.
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