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"outdooor" housing?

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I got the thought when a friend built a spider cage but I dont plan on doing it, just something Ive been wondering over the last few months.

What would be a good natural cage setup for a hedgehog? Some grass, sticks, a few stones, an area of dirt they can dig into for a hole? How "efficient" would it be at breaking down hedgehog waste?

Its just a thought thats been in my mind.
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I've seen on some webpages outdoor Hedgie setups. These set ups are for European hedgies though. Since our guys need a warmer temperature and there's question regarding the amount of instinctual defenses they have (defense against predators particularly), an outdoor set up would not be ideal. That said, if you wanted to an 'outdoor' indoor, I'm sure you could. While fleece liners are generally pref on here, there are some owners who have more natural settings with wood/sand/water/rocks/etc. I forget who it is but I know one owner has a gorgeous set up that actually doubles as his coffee table.
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