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Options for Hedgehogs too big for Carolina Storm Wheels

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Hi guys!

I've had my hedgehog for over a year now and shes a fairly large girl, not just in the "fluffy" sense, but just actually a large hedgehog. I used to own a CSBW but the largest size (10.5"currently) is too small for her now. I know there are lots of instructables and DIY's on how to make a wheel but I had a lot of trouble searching for something to use as the wheel that was a good size. Here are some suggestions of things to search if you need something larger than 10.5":

-5 gallon buckets (appox 11-12". Needs to be cut down)
-Cake keepers (11-13" but also kind of hard to find and expensive to ship to canada)
-Plastic outdoor planting tubs/planters (varying sizes, some around 15". Might need to be cut down)
-Round commercial grade plastic food storage (varying sizes, found some 13" ones I thought were perfect)

Also if you have the money to spend you could consider buying wheels marketed to chinchillas or other large caged animals.

I hope this helps someone!:)
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I joined this site to ask if they made the corolina wheel in 12"
Seems weird that they don't when the recommended size for adult hedgehog is 12" so they aren't arching their backs to run.
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