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Hi guys!

I've had my hedgehog for over a year now and shes a fairly large girl, not just in the "fluffy" sense, but just actually a large hedgehog. I used to own a CSBW but the largest size (10.5"currently) is too small for her now. I know there are lots of instructables and DIY's on how to make a wheel but I had a lot of trouble searching for something to use as the wheel that was a good size. Here are some suggestions of things to search if you need something larger than 10.5":

-5 gallon buckets (appox 11-12". Needs to be cut down)
-Cake keepers (11-13" but also kind of hard to find and expensive to ship to canada)
-Plastic outdoor planting tubs/planters (varying sizes, some around 15". Might need to be cut down)
-Round commercial grade plastic food storage (varying sizes, found some 13" ones I thought were perfect)

Also if you have the money to spend you could consider buying wheels marketed to chinchillas or other large caged animals.

I hope this helps someone!:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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