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Ontario vets

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Please post good vets you have been to in Ontario. Name the vet clinic as well as the name of the veterinarian you saw as sometimes a vet clinic can have both good and bad vets. Put the city as the subject line.

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Bowmanville Veterinary Clinic
2826 HWY 2
Dr. Brigette Rudolf, Dr. Lauren Brownell

This vet's office is the best! They are very caring, accommodating and do a thorough job with reasonable prices. They can usually get you in same day, or within a few days.

Dr. Rudolf is exceptional, she really takes great pride in her work and does not rush you out the door like many other vets. The vet themself does a follow up call the next day to ensure things are going well. A few of my pets have seen her and she's always been great.

Dr. Brownell is also great. When I brought my hedgie Moka in with a lump and was given an estimate of $400 worth of work and testing that would need to be done I was devastated. She called me a few days later and said if I couldn't afford to do all the testing that they could try some other things that would be more affordable. I was very appreciative.

Even with trying different things Moka never recovered and I made an appt. to have him put down but he didn't make it, this vets office were more than accommodating in taking him and providing a burial all at a minimal cost.
All of the employees were very considerate and understanding, the experience truly help me feel better.

This vet's office is great for people who live in the Durham Region and do not want to travel to the Links Rd. in Toronto.

Prior to living in Durham, I lived in Scarborough and would take my hogs to the Links Rd. animal clinic, I found them be overly expensive, and one of the vets there (Dr. Hanadie Nur) determined my hedgehog had mites and over $300 in treatment later, another vet at the same clinic (Dr. Evan Mavromatis) determined that she never had mites in the first place. It was frustrating to say the least and I always found it was difficult to get an appointment that wasn't a week away.
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1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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