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Ontario vets

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Please post good vets you have been to in Ontario. Name the vet clinic as well as the name of the veterinarian you saw as sometimes a vet clinic can have both good and bad vets. Put the city as the subject line.

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The Links Road Bird and Animal Clinic
41 The Links Road
Toronto, Ontario
M2P 1T7
(at Yonge & 401)
Ph: 416-223-1165

Dr. Rick Axelson, Dr. Evan Mavromatis & Dr. Hanadie Nur

As a new hedgehog owner, we have never need to take our hedgehog to this clinic, however the doctors here have been treating our reptiles for several years and I have the greatest confidence in them. The clinic specializes in exotics animals of all sorts, both cold and warm blooded, scaled, furred and feathered. From conversations with the staff and doctors I know they are familiar with and do treat hedgehogs.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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