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Ontario vets

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Please post good vets you have been to in Ontario. Name the vet clinic as well as the name of the veterinarian you saw as sometimes a vet clinic can have both good and bad vets. Put the city as the subject line.

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I am not sure how to post this(mods feel free to edit)... I would like to post my NON RECOMMENDATION for Dr. Wolfgang Zenker at:

Burloak Animal Clinic
3060 Lakeshore Rd. West
L6L 1J2

I agree that the clinic staff was friendly and the clinic was clean, however Dr.Zenker offered no support for Daisy when she was sick, looked her quickly over and was VERY quick to inform me that "she had the wobbler thing"... he had NO bedside manner, flipped Daisy over and poked at her for less than 2 minutes before asking me "what do you want me to do?"... well I would like you to tell me your thoughts and what we can do to make her comfortable. :(

I also found the clinic highly over priced for a quick exam ($85), as well as their medications, which were outrageously over priced for 1 5mg tablet of prednisone (I can purchase a bottle of 50 tablets from my cat's vet for the same price they charged for 1 tablet).

I believe at one point Dr.Zenker may have been up to date on treatments, however as of our appointment in September of 2011, I believe that is no longer the case.

I would like to repeat that due to our experience I would CERTAINLY NOT recommend Dr.Zenker.
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1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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