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Ontario vets

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Please post good vets you have been to in Ontario. Name the vet clinic as well as the name of the veterinarian you saw as sometimes a vet clinic can have both good and bad vets. Put the city as the subject line.

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Greenwood Park Animal Hospital
1041 Gerrard St E.
Dr. Munn

Edited by Nancy to add: This is just a note to add to hedgielover's post, that Dr Munn is very highly recommended by both new and long time hedgie owners. In the Toronto area he is the most recommended vet.

Dr. Munn no longer works at greenwood animal hospital. The receptionist said his moved to a clinic 2 hours north of Toronto.
This is true and you can find the website for his new clinic. I think it's even further than 2 hours.

It is
Norwood Veterinary Services
In Norwood Ontario. (If you live near here you really lucked out!)
On highway 7 east of Peterborough.

However Greenwood park still treats hedgehogs and the new vets have been pretty good. They haven't given me a reason to doubt their knowledge or care and they've been able to get me in for really last minute appointments which is nice when I'm worried.

Even still I'm tempted to travel the many hours to see Dr. Munn again. If I could drive I might do it.
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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