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Hello hedgie owners,

I haven't visited this forum since my beloved hedgie left to a much better place. I have bought special hedgie kibble a year ago, I have one full un-opened bag (5 lbs) and half of another I have stored in the freezer. It's a premium hedgie diet and is not available in Canada. I also have 4 cans of Prescription Diet A/D critical care I bought from the vet. If you are from Vancouver, Canada and would like to meet to pick up the food for your hedgie, please contact me.

If you are outside Vancouver or Canada, please provide me with your address (the city/state you live is is ok) and I will figure out the exact cheapest shipping quote to your destination and inform you. For only a shipping fee, I will provide a free kibble that is quite costly. I am finally able to let go and would like to make another hedgie happy and healthy.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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