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nutritional needs help?

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Hi everyone

Im from sweden so excuse my very bad spelling on english.

Im trying to learn so much about the nutritional needs for the african hedgehog.
But can someone tell me what the best % of everything a meal would have?
In fett, meet, fruts and stuff.

I have been reading some diskussions here at the forum but its much so read
so i just write som questions here and hope you all know what im looking for
and maybe have some of the answer.

To se in the hole picture: What do you think is a good meal for a african hedgehog,
and what are the correct nutritional needs for them?
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Thanks everyone!

I have to all my ones hight callity catfood and trying to have so much different
meals everytime thats possible.

you feed your hedgies whit meal worms, has the meal worms there you lives good nutrient? Because here everyone even in the reptail world change and stoped feed the animals whit meal worms because of the bad nutrient.

everyone of my hedgehogs loves the insects but its many discussions aboút how often and much you should give them. Is there a limit? how many days a week are good? can you give them a few worms every day and change out the worms somedays and insted take crickets?

And what about mus pinki? Here in sweden allmost everyone feed there hedgehogs whit mus pinki, somedays a week. Do you allso feed whit that? How much and how often?

When it comes to wedgies and fruit some of mine likes it but some dont, but it feels like the meals are to simular everytime to them that dont eat fruit etc.

Do anyone know or have a list for example on what typ of food and simular things you can give to a african hedgehog?
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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