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nutritional needs help?

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Hi everyone

Im from sweden so excuse my very bad spelling on english.

Im trying to learn so much about the nutritional needs for the african hedgehog.
But can someone tell me what the best % of everything a meal would have?
In fett, meet, fruts and stuff.

I have been reading some diskussions here at the forum but its much so read
so i just write som questions here and hope you all know what im looking for
and maybe have some of the answer.

To se in the hole picture: What do you think is a good meal for a african hedgehog,
and what are the correct nutritional needs for them?
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Hi swedish_girl,

There are a lot of different ideas about what foods are best for pet hedgehogs. Most everyone on this forum feeds a mix of several high quality cat foods, with protein under 35% and fat under 15%. Good quality foods won't have a lot of fillers or preservatives, and with a mix hopefully will cover all your hedgie's needs. Don't feed hedgehog food as there is always a better cat food out there.

You can offer fruits and veggies as treats, but a lot of hedgies don't like them. Other good treats can be unseasoned cooked chicken/turkey, scrambled eggs (no salt/pepper), baby food, etc.

Most (but not all) hedgies love insects. I recommend feeding mealworms/crickets if your hedgie will eat them. Live, canned, and freeze dried are all fine to use.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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