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Not using wheel

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My little hedgie isn't using his wheel... I bought him off of my friend and he's about a year and a bit. I'm wondering why he's not using it. He's getting chubby.
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What kind of wheel do you have for your new quilled friend?
My Linny has suddenly stopped using her wheel. Nothing about her environment has changed,
and she used to use it like crazy every night.

Very puzzling.

I did notice the other night her getting on the wheel and trying to run and sliding out of it before she got a good pace going. I have a whisper wheel from Vicky's anyone here familiar with those? They're slight slanted toward the outer edge. Maybe her nals are getting too long and she can't get a good grip?

Since it's spring, & around 70F I've opened the windows, is it possible the slight temp change is responsible?
If the cage is only 70* then Linny may be too cold. Most hedgehogs are comfortable at 73* and up.
Mystery solved! Herrison suggested long hind nails can keep a hedgie from enjoying the wheel.
I clipped linny's very short, which was scary, but now she's back to using her wheel!

How long are you hedgie's hind nails tylerhog?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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