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Hi guys!
I got a baby hedgehog two weeks ago and she is now 6 weeks old. I have her first checkup with the vet scheduled for next Friday but I would like some input now in case there is a problem going on.

A few days after getting her I saw that she was scratching herself every few seconds for maybe no more than 10 seconds. I thought she might have dry skin so I got a humidity checker which states the room is well humid enough for her (perhaps too humid). Her cage stays between 74-77 degrees normally as well.

A few days ago I noticed quills laying around the cage. I seem normal but I also can’t really tell what “the ball at the end of quill” means. She has also during this time started scratching herself more frequently and for a bit longer, maybe 20 seconds now. She seems overall less active at night and more prone to balling up when touched. She still eats and drinks the same.
What concerns me is this spot on her lower back:
Hair Head Organism Terrestrial animal Snout

The quills seem sparse and seem to be more of an indication of mites or some type of fungal infection. I know the vet can answer these questions but I am worried to wait another weak if she has something wrong with her. Any help or info you need I would be happy to give!
Note: the bald spot is a lot easier to see when she balls up.
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