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Hi everyone :)

I just got back from going to my parent's house for four days. I left Gilbert with my boyfriend. We got Gilbert situated in boyfriend's bedroom. Gilbert's cage is the same, along with all his toys etc. My boyfriend told me Gilbert hasn't been pooping or peeing the normal amount. Gilbert has been running on his wheel and he is not lethargic, but his wheel is still pretty clean especially for him. He is eating and drinking and his cage and room temperatures are constantly around 26/27C.

We were wondering if having his cage on a table would make a difference for him. When Gilbert is at my house, his cage is on the floor, the heater is in the front of the room, not beside his cage, and there is no heating vent above him. But at my boyfriend's house he is on a desk, under the desk there is a heating vent, and the heater is next to his cage as well. Perhaps he is pooing the same amount but his poop is now drying out a lot more? Has anyone else encounter that? Gilbert's shavings show that he is indeed peeing, since the shavings are a brighter yellow.

My boyfriend thinks Gilbert isn't pooping as much because he doesn't want the cat to know he is around...the cat seems perfectly fine with Gilbert around. Hasn't acted untoward him or anything...in al honestly the cat seems to be scared of Gilbert. The cat is not allowed to be around Gilbert or his cage unsupervised. Gilbert looks and feels healthy...I'm just slightly concerned about the lack of evidence of defecation, especially on his wheel. Like I've said I heard Gilbert running on his wheel last night for hours.

Is it possible Gilbert is too stressed in this new environment? Or could he have felt like I abandoned him and is now slightly depressed? I held him last night, and he was licking me and then anointed on himself...so perhaps he really really missed me?!

Any advice would be helpful :)

P.S. Gilbert will be coming back to my house at the end of the week. The car is just in the shop, and his cage is too big for me to carry on the bus!
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