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None the Wiser--Fungal Test

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So I finally got my lab results back for Beck's fungal test for his mysterious quill loss. Everything came back negative, which is good, although not that enlightening. He's had his second treatment with Revolution, and he'll get his third in a week, if it was mites. The quill loss appears to be abating, and I see new quills coming in, which is a massive relief. He's also on a fleece liner now, and good food. Hopefully my poor little guy is on the mend. He's a little huffy, but I would imagine it can't be too comfortable to be regrowing a bunch of quills.
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Down to maybe 5-10 a day (was as bad as 50+ a day before)

Hope you get some answers too!
Hah, no shoe snooping until the quills are quite firmly attached to him. I swear, if I step on one more quill... *eyes Beck* Lol
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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