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Ok, I am SURE there is a thread on this, but for the life of me I cannot find it. I have been searching for over an hour, using the search and looking through each section. Perhaps I didnt look deep enough, but for new owners this might want to be a sticky somewhere.

What are the different sounds and each meaning of the sounds that our little hedgies make. :D A List would be awesome. :D Thanks
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NoOther1 said:
•Sounds Heard During Sleep
Believe it or not, some hedgehogs actually snore! Like dogs and cats, they also appear to dream and will sniff, snort and chirp quietly all the while.
Ah, I thought so. Sometimes when I think Quigley is fast asleep in his cage he starts hissing and popping suddenly at nothing. I assumed he was dreaming. Poor hedgehog nightmares.
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