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I'd take a look at him - make sure his nails are nice and short; no cuts on his feet; legs and rest of him looks and feels normal. Has he outgrown his wheel?

I'd take a look at the wheel - is it in a slightly different location than before? same place, but pointed in the opposite direction? tilted? a little more difficult to run on than before (sometimes you need to lubricate the moving parts - depending on the type of wheel you have)?

I'd take a look at the greater environment - is it warmer or cooler than usual? changes to diet? changes to lightness/darkness? changes in noise level?

And if everything checks out fine/the same, I'd keep the wheel in so he can choose to run laps or use the wheel, while considering the option of trying out a different kind of wheel.

What kind of wheel do you have & what size is it?
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