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newspaper liner ?

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i want to switch from using shavings to liners, but before i can put liners in i feel it would be best to get roxy's nais trimmed ( i'm afraid she'll get stuck every time she tries to move). so would newpaper be ok as a temperary liner till i get her to the vet ???
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Why can't you put polar blanket? All my hedgies got that in their storage box!! ;) You just have to remove all the thread around the blanket!!
I bought my polar blanket at a dollar store.. so it's very cheap. I cut them to fit in the storage and it fixed with velcro. I have a lot like this so I can change it each day and it's very easy!! ;)

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Hum... I don't know what's a fleece blanket... :shock:
So in english it's not "polar" but "fleece"!! See.. I'll learn my english with all of you!! :D :lol:
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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