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Hello all! My name is Elena and I'm getting my master's in biology in Indianapolis, aiming for dental school! I'm a frequent reader of this forum, although never a poster until now.
We have three hedgies: Luna, 2, albino, Yozhik (Russian for 'hedgehog') 1.5, salt and pepper, and Blue, 10 months, their son. Luna's first litter was 5 babies, and all were healthy and happy. Luna is the perfect patient mom, she is just the best!
Now, here's the story. Sunday, May 4th Luna had another litter. One tiny baby girl! We were surprised that she only had one, but observed her and everything was going great; we named her Precious. Last night, we found the baby alone in her nest, with Luna away eating. Precious, 9 days old, was very cold and pale, with a noticeable black-and-blue bruise on the lower part of her belly, and very bloated. She had red bloody liquid poops all around. Right away I knew what was going on--internal bleeding--and Luna knew about it so she must have left the baby alone. We called the emergency exotic vet in our area who suggested the baby may have a number of gastrointestinal issues, including liver failure or a lack of clotting factors, may need a blood transfusion, etc. Because it was a 2.5 hour drive to the vet and it was already 10:30pm, we decided to stick it out at home and wait until morning to see if we could keep her warm, fed, and pooped. We put the baby on a warm water bottle and gave her a drop of goat's milk, but she wasn't too interested. At that point it was only about a half an hour til she went, coughing with her whole body, but she was peaceful.

-Obviously the bloating problem in babies is very widespread, but I wasn't sure how prevalent it was. For those of you who are frequent breeders, how often does this occur?
-I was under the impression that bloating could only happen in hand-fed babies, and our baby was being fed very well by her mom and growing like crazy. What gives?
-Does bloating from either gas or the inability to poop cause intestinal rupture in any way? What is the origin of the bleeding?
-I did find several normal baby poops in the nest. What suddenly changed? How can her mommy hog have helped?
-Can this in any way be related to the fact that she was the only one in her litter?
-What signs are there to look for in the future, even if I think the mom is doing great?
-What can I do in the future if I notice this again, if anything?
-Was there anything the vet could even do?

Please share all the information you can find, including links. I'm sure this post would benefit someone in the future. As for me, your responses would at least be comforting now that Precious is gone.
Thank you!
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