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Newbie Hedgie Owner-Cage Help

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Hi! I am picking up my first hedgehog, Pickles (he's a chocolate pinto :) ), in a couple of weeks and I have recently purchased a cavy type cage that has a large plastic bottom and PVC coated wires that are 1" x 1/2" apart. This is kind of hard to explain, but the wire sides go down on the inside of the cage instead of the outside. Should I build something around the bottom so he can't climb up the sides?
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Most hedgies don't or wont climb , but maybe you could post of pic of it? That would help :)
Some motivated hedgehog's do climb and can hurt themselves.

Nancy has shared a good tip in the past for discouraging climbers, I'll paraphrase it. Basically you weave thick plastic, like place mats or report covers through the bars and the hedgehog will not be able to climb. I believe they have to be about 10" or 12" up.

Good Luck
Thanks for the reply. Here are pictures of the cage. It is 18" x 33". I tried to take a picture of what it looks like on the inside!



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yeah he'll probably be able to climb up that. Most likely what would be easier than weaving the placemats would be to hole punch them and attache them with cable ties all along the bottom. You should attach the placemat at the top and bottom and attach them with at least three cable ties each for top and bottom ( one for each side and one for the middle).

Does that make any sense?

If not let me know I'll try to explain myself better.
Yup-that makes sense (I decided to change my username btw :) )! Thanks for everyones help!
I've been thinking about changing my user name. Did you have to create a new account or how did you do it?
No, I had to create a new account :/
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