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Most people on this site prefer fleece/vellux liners because it decreases the chance of a mite infestation, doesn't produce dust, and makes the cage look cuter.

But you can use kiln dried pine shavings or aspen shavings. NEVER use cedar as the oils can cause respiratory failure. And always make sure that if you get pine shavings that they have been heat treated to kill any mites.

Some owners also used recycled wood pulp products like Care Fresh, or recycled newspaper products like Yesterday's News.

Please make sure that you have two separate cages with two sets of wheels, food and water bowls, and hiding places. Hedgehogs are solitary creatures and housing two together is not a good idea. Two males can fight till one is injured or dead, a male and female can and will breed as early as 6 weeks old, and there is no benefit to housing two females together.
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