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I have been thinking about getting a baby hedgie for awhile now & I have found someone near me who will have a baby ready for me in March:). I have been on here reading all I could & looking online. I still have a few questions I need specific answers on because I keep getting different one's.

1. What kind of heater do I need to use? [The least expensive but still one that works good of course!]

2. What kind of food do I feed them? [I keep hearing high-quality cat food?, what brands? And are there any other foods they should eat?]

3. Can I use a large plastic container for it's cage? Sort of like the one in the link I posted, but it is wider & longer. [The wheels i've looked at don't have to be connected to a cage bar]-Also this wont be permanent, just until I find another cage I like for a good price. I got the idea of the clear plastic container for a cage off a forum on here actually.
http://static.squidoo.com/resize/squido ... quidoo.jpg

4. Also I have been looking at a few wheels, but I have gotten mixed reviews. Is the 12' Giant Comfort Wheel ok? If not, what are some good wheels? Most wheels I have came across that seem like a good wheel don't connect to a cage & I worry about it tipping over & being sturdy.

-I have already found an igloo, plan on using fleece & fleece scraps for it's bedding, litter box, and such for it's cage. Is there anything else they need in there? or enjoy?

I know there are more than a few questions & you don't have to answer them all but any you can/want to answer & any extra information a newbie should know please let me know! I'm trying to get all the helpful information I can before getting a baby hedgie!!

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Welcome to HHC!

Most of your questions can be easily answered by looking through the various topics and reading the stickies.

1. There's a few heating options. The most popular are space heater (for heating the whole room) or a ceramic heat emitter (for heating just the cage). The CHE is most popular for single-hog owners. It's more expensive to set up, but easy and cheap to run afterwards. Here's the sticky for heating stuff - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4579

2. Yup, a mix of two or more high quality cat foods are the best thing, supplemented by fruits/veggies/meats/insects. Here's the cat food list - viewtopic.php?f=6&t=15 and here's a list of fruits/veggies that are safe and not safe - viewtopic.php?f=6&t=60&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=fruit+%26amp%3B+veggie#p122

3. Yes, you can use that for a cage, however you'll need to modify the lid for ventilation, and drill holes in the side for more ventilation. You can get some ideas in the Housing topic, with the cage setup thread.

4. For store-bought wheels, Comfort Wheels are the best/safest. However, they can be noisy (which can be solved with a hair scrunchy around the back), and they're hard to clean. There's also bucket wheels and cakewalk wheels. Bucket wheels can be made yourself or bought from breeders. There's two people on here that sell cakewalk wheels - viewtopic.php?f=20&t=4544 and viewtopic.php?f=20&t=4844

Other than that, just look around the different topics. Click on stickies, read through old threads. You'll learn lots! :)
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