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Yes Hedghehogs are exactly like your little one, it does take a lot of patience to get to know them and to get them used to you. Were you expecting your hedgie to be like a hamster? They are a lot more work than hamsters and take alot of work with each of their personalities. Hamsters are pretty accepting of anything.

They ball up to protect themselves so they do this when they're a bit uneasy, nervous etc about something. Just take your time with her and she will come round to you. Although she does sound like she likes you by the fact she comes and sniffs you.

Hedgies wont come out in the day as they are nocturnal, you want to be looking at getting her out about 9-10pm at night and she'll be more willing to come out and play, then again you could have a snuggler who is quite happy to just sit there on your lap whilst you watch tv/play on computer.

And most hedgies wont eat in front of their owners or go on their wheel or anything
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