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"new pics 12/6" SC albino rescue hedgie is now home

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EDIT: new pics added http://pets.webshots.com/album/57579523 ... vhost=pets

Mom and I drove up to the Clemson area to pick up the little rescue hedgie today. Hit a couple quilt stores on the way back. His name is Calvin Parker (Parker was his previous name)

The Craigslist ad has been taken down, but that picture was pretty accurate. She had him in a towel when she arrived so I'm hoping he got to sleep in that normally. I really didn't ask. She says the cage what was the breeder recommended. Does anyone know a breeder in Charlotte? I didn't remember the name.

I'd like to verify the age b/c he's tiny. He's supposed to be 9 months old. That's what the ad said. But he is reeaallly tiny. Ender is almost that old and was bigger than that when we picked him up. Sweet little thing. He did well in the car and with the shopping. Thank goodness for that snugglesafe disc and mom's willing to cuddle a hedgie in the car (not the whole trip)

I weighed him when we got home on my postal scale. 270 grams. He's eaten. She gave me his food and I put some in the cage in his bowl then mixed some cut up pieces of his and Ender's with some water. Mom checked, he ate that and ate some of the hard ones.

Oh, i do have a vet appointment for monday. i'm trying to find that breeder too.

Ok, enough rambling. Pictures below. Video will have to wait till I can upload at work.


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Re: SC albinA wondro rescue hedgie is now home

Calvin in his new forever home!!!!!!!!1
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