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I'm tickled pink b/c I got a laptop for Christmas so now I can post pics from my digital camera which is sooooo much better:)

Charmin has calmed down alot. Probably b/c the mites are dead!! I discovered those about 3 days after bringing him home when I took him to work for a fecal. There were live mites on the slide from where I got poo from the carrier he was in. Hooked him up with Revolution which was fun to dose for his size. He has stopped scratching and less moody :D

I'm really tickled today b/c the rest of his order was sitting on my porch. This weekend he gets upgraded to the flight cage I have. It's like a ferrte nation but without the 2nd level since its a bird cage. We're gonna use grids and coroplast to make 2nd floor and line the bottom floor. I will post pics when its done.

Ok so here's the latest pic of him....he's too cute!!!


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