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Hello all!
I just got my first hedgehog this past Monday so thought I would stop by to learn more about them. Of course, I did plenty of research before getting my little lass, and the wife and I have kept indoors pet guinea pigs & skinny pigs for the last 10 years in average herd sizes of about 10 pigs, all females together -- our current GP herd is 9 strong. So, we're no strangers to vets who look after exotics, and stable warm indoor climates.

We got our little 17 month old female APH from someone who was moving (abroad, I think) and could not take her with, so she's already tame and came with a zoozone cage and wheel.

I've posted a few questions in the Cage area about height because I was considering building her a wooden enclosure, but I think I'll end up housing her in a 3x2 C&C enclosure. If I can fit it in between the radiator and the wall I may go 3.5x2 or hopefully 4x2 grids.

Anyway, it's a pleasure to be here, and I've attached the first two pictures of our little lady from tonight when my wife was holding her.

The reason I keep saying 'little lady' and the likes is because we haven't decided on her name yet. I'm thinking Hilary? But I don't know yet, so any ideas?


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