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I had been researching getting an ouch-mouse for a little over a year, then my older sis (bless her heart) bought one at a stockyard sale for $50. :(

Fortunately, other than having dry/flaky skin, she seems to be in good health. The seller told my sis that she's around a year old. She also doesn't seem to be very socialized at all (I've had her a few weeks now).

In the past I've mostly owned dogs and reptiles, so this is my first 'small animal' pet, and may need a little help on this journey! m(_ _)m

What I have for her:
-Midwest Plus cage
-Exotic Nutrition Hedgehog Accessory Starter Kit (Silent Runner Wheel, Nest Pouch, 6-oz Glass Water Bottle, 10-oz Feed Dish with Clamp, Grass Ball Trio, Play Tunnel)
-Dig box with felt strips
-Bonding infinity scarf (Etsy)
-Carefresh bedding (mixed reviews on this one)
Corner small pet litter box (she uses it, but also poos all over the rest of the cage, so I dunno if I'll keep it)
Toothbrush (for bath time)
-Ceramic heat lamp

Things I Need:
-Treats (I've tried mealworms, wet cat food, various fruits/veggies, and home-made dog treats, but she doesn't seem interested in the least)
-Cage Liner (very pricy. looking for sewing patterns/materials if anyone makes their own!)
-Fun Toys (she uses her wheel, but that's about it. Would kong treat toys work?)

Q's/Opinions needed:
-Outside. What's your opinion on taking a hedgie outside? I raise quail and chicks, so I have brooder cages and think a bit of outside time would be nice.
-Changing Food. With dogs/cats I know you have to change their food gradually if you change brands to keep their tummy from getting upset. Is it alright to switch back and forth for a hedgie?
-Bonding. Is bonding with an older hedgie harder? Any ways, other than carrying her around in a bond pouch, that can help?
-How often to bathe/ best oils to use for dry skin.

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