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baby hedgehogs sleep A LOT.
If you read through the forums you will find other people whose hedgies don't get up except to eat drink and poop before heading back to bed as babies. It is great that you are socializing him as you are, nap time on your lap is a great time for him to get you to your scent.

As for not coming out, he may only feel safe to play when he can't hear or see you, which is why he is only out at night and while your gone during the day.

As for the wheel, one way to teach him how to use it is to put him on it. Whenever he gets off just gently pick him up and put him back on it. For vex i put my hand in front of the wheel so that he didn't feel like climbing off and he eventually started to run on it. Now he does it on his own. (This was after him not having a wheel for 1.5 years)

Also it is best if you have a bucket wheel or flying saucer as other wheels have been known to hurt hedgies.

Good luck with your little one and i hope you see a poopy wheel soon. It is one of the best things to see in the morning!
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