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Hello, all!

So I've recently become a new hedgie mommy within the past month. My little spikey boy is named Robin Quilliams. I know, I know, I really like puns, haha.
And it differs from the typical "Sonic" name.

But to keep on topic ...

Robin has been at my condo with my boyfriend and I since Feb. 10th, 2017, but was born on Sept. 9th, 2017. His cage currently is a large aquarium. Around 32"Lx19"Wx17"H. He has a large tree trunk hide, small pet corner litter box (I can't remember the litter off the top of my head currently but it looks like mini white tree logs), two no tip over bowls filled with water from the tap and iams indoor cat food (the blue colored bag, I think?) with royal canine mommy and baby added in for water/food, a large kaytee wheel (that he doesn't seem to ever use from what I see/hear?), a bread monogatari hide out (basically looks like a loaf of bread that's a hide), fleece cuddle buddy, fleece lining on the floor, a small square cuddle pillow in his tree trunk hide and two shirts (one is mine, the other is my boyfriends'.) He also has one heat lamp with a thermostat and thermometer attached to it from the outlet.

He usually eats all his food within a day or two. As well as water (or it could be evaporating? I'm not sure.) He does poop literally anywhere once he starts to wake up. Same with peeing. But is very active. He wants to run around and play with anything he can get in contact with. But when he's in his cage he usually runs around for a little but tries to get under the fleece liner. Once he finds a way in, he gets under where the heat lamp is and sleeps until I get him up for the next day. Or gets up in the rest of the night while I sleep. I don't hear him.

Since being home, he hasn't had his nails clipped (they are getting long)
nor had a bath. I wanted him to get used to all the smells first before doing all those things to him. And he has a vet appointment this Wednesday anyways and wanted her to see him as we got him from the breeder. Minus clean up with do with him with huggies baby wipes and tissues.

My question though so far is that he does seem to like to bit. Not at all often but rarely. But last night was the first time I ever had a cut from his bites.
Usually its just nibbling. This was also the first time I ever took him into bed with myself and my boyfriend to cuddle up with us. He is also not a cuddler.
He loves to run, wiggle, get free and smell everything. He's not a cuddler by the least. But that's for a different post, haha. I'd like to maybe see if he can be conditioned to being a cuddle bug, or if that's just because he's still a baby. Or just work with him being a runner. But back on point.

So he bite my middle finger and my boyfriends index finger last name.
After our daily handling, I placed him back in his cage for the night. I noticed he looked to have come foam (not a lot) by the edges of his mouth.
This leads me to believe he might have been trying to anoint. Nothing out of the ordinary after though. He went into his cage, looked for a way to get under the fleece, once he had he stayed under the heat lamp. Once I got up this morning, his food was gone (as per usual) and he was still under the fleece.

I guess what I"m asking assistance for is, how do I help in aiding him to not bite? And is there anyway to make him not as wiggly/squirmy while being handled?

Suggestions, comments, etc are more than welcome by this new hedgie mommy! Thank you!!!
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