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New Hedgie Mom

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Hi I'm a new Hedgie Mom I've had her about 3 day's now. She's not a baby she is about 1 and a half. And her name is Shelby.

She's just starting to warm up to me. she will let me pick her up (after I gave her a bath).
Which brings me to my question the store didn't have any "Kitten shampoo" so I gave her a bath with Johnsons head to toe baby wash. Since it's mild and would burn her eye's if she got water in them. so is it OK to wash her in the baby wash? or do I need to get kitten shampoo?
Her ears had dry skin on them and the baby wash is moisturizing so I thought it would help her.
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Ok thanks you guy's!
I will get her some of that Aveeno Oatmeal Shampoo.
And something for her little ears. :)

I found her some cat/kitten shampoo with conditioner. and she don't have the dandruff anymore and she's not scratching. Oh and it's got "Hairball Control" Ha ha could you imagine a Hedgie hairball?! :lol:
I couldn't find the aveeno shampoo until after I got the kitten shampoo. :?
But she seems to be doing good on this new stuff.
I will check that! thanks!
I read that but I forgot.
We don't have much aloe stuff in the house because my nephew is allergic to it but I didn't think about it being in the kitten shampoo.
I checked the shampoo it has no tea tree oil and no aloe.

Her dry skin seems to be doing better. except for her ear's I've been putting a dab of lotion on them every few day's they are getting a little better. She look's like her former friend's chewed her ear's pretty badly. :(
As for the oatmeal... Should I use it with the shampoo or alone?
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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