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New Hedgie Mom

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Hi I'm a new Hedgie Mom I've had her about 3 day's now. She's not a baby she is about 1 and a half. And her name is Shelby.

She's just starting to warm up to me. she will let me pick her up (after I gave her a bath).
Which brings me to my question the store didn't have any "Kitten shampoo" so I gave her a bath with Johnsons head to toe baby wash. Since it's mild and would burn her eye's if she got water in them. so is it OK to wash her in the baby wash? or do I need to get kitten shampoo?
Her ears had dry skin on them and the baby wash is moisturizing so I thought it would help her.
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Just make sure it's unscented, as Nancy said.

Scented would be too strong for their sensitive little noses. ^_^

And if you can't find it, put some non-instant oatmeal into a sock and swish it in the bath water until the water turns cloudy.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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