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I just got a hedgehog tonight and he kind of had some diareah. I think its because the pet store was giving him bad food. I put some iams and wellness in his food bowl and he seems to like it. His poop seems to be getting a bit firmer which is good. He is about 12 or 10 weeks old im not sure. He seems to be healthy. I also think he may have either mites or dry skin. He keeps itching himself. Theres a really gross thing that he does though. He started to wake up and i noticed that he started chewing and cleaning something. I thought it was just his foot. But than i noticed that there were 4 legs not beinG CLEANED. I than looked closer and saw him cleaning / chewing on his private. It was so disgusting, so i was wondering if any of your hedgehogs have done that. It was disgusting. Im not sure if they do that so i wanted to know. Im sorry if it grosses any of you out. I just wanted to make sure that he is fine.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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